This method consists of Cardio/Respiratory Endurance utilizing a combination of high-intensity, interval-based training, strength training, and mobility work which provides balance in the development of the athlete. Our program focuses on cardio vascular endurance training; and includes rowing, ski-erg, assault bike, running, and much more. Athletes may combine this program with any outside training regimen they follow and is designed to complement the programs at CrossFit MIA.

Frequently asked questions:

MIA HEAT is an hour long class.

This workout will leave you parched, it is both cardio and core intensive.

It does NOT require any experience.

Its main focus is on Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Cardio and Body Weight movements.

… bring your sneakers and a willingness to work hard, and we guarantee you will leave Sweaty, Happy and ready for another MIA Heat Class!