ALWAYS, Remember to Recover!

Recovery is a vital part of the process, take the time to recover, daily.  Allow your mind and body to catch up with the intensity of your workouts.  Stretching, foam rolling and meditating should become part of your routine.  Remember the end game is long-term.

Ask your coach about proper recovery.

Don’t take your Nutrition for Granted!

Take the time to plan your meals, especially when you’re competing.  Its imperative to fuel yourself adequately to optimize your performance.  If you would like some help, set some time with a coach one-on-one to discuss your goals.

Make sure you get your tunes, ready!  Ensure that you have taken the time to set yourself up for success, proper motivation is priceless!


Crossfit Kicks

If for no other reason, cook Kicks can change your mood.  Check out our coach’s recommendations, and get yours.


Knowledge is power, and getting to know yourself as an athlete and your sport will give you an edge.  Here are some books that come recommended by your coaching staff.

STOCK UP, Get your Gear!

Gear does not the athlete make, but it sure can help!  Make sure you’re not caught at a disadvantage, stock up before the open!  Ask coach for available items in house!