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As an affiliate co-owner of CrossFitMIA, coach, husband and father of 3 awesome boys Britton, Caden and Jonah, I have always been a good athlete for my size, not the biggest and not the smallest.  Living in the middle of the pack taught me at a young age that with enough drive, consistency and perseverance, training and dedication would prove to be my tickets to success.

This fundamental understanding that our God given talent, is only part of the equation has shaped my coaching style.  My athletes come in with their own set of issues, injuries, self doubt, limitations… but all these can be worked around.  CrossFit gives them the tools, I just help them master them at their own pace.  I take great pride in the success of my members.

My personal CrossFit journey took me to the CrossFit Games in 2016, where I finished 5th in the Masters Division.  I always ranked in the top 3% in the Open.  In 2016 I decided it was my year, to prove what I had always believed.  Hard work, dedication, drive and consistency could get me to the ultimate stage.  I am very proud, blessed, humbled and happy when the training and dedication paid off.  It was with the support of not only my beautiful wife and kids, but my CrossFit MIA family that I was able to accomplish my goal.

At CrossFit MIA we WORK HARD and PLAY HARD! That’s just how we do it.

Remember to have fun!

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