CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

RN-BSN (Emergency/Trauma/Intensive Care)

HICS L1/L2 Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Preparedness Command System

BLS (Basic Life Support)

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

Nutrition/Macronutrient Coach

I started CrossFit in 2014, after being diagnosed by my physician with severe health conditions as a result of poor dietary habits and inactivity. Initially I was apprehensive and scared; however, the results have been life changing. In just under 3 months, I changed my poor habits, and within 6 months I quickly acquired many new skills which eventually lead to competing in CrossFit. During my first competition I realized that CrossFit is not only life changing as far as a physical and mental health, but also as a motivator for personal growth.

I take great pleasure in helping every individual that walks through our doors with the same look and apprehension I felt. I strive to understand, love, grow, and help them enrich their lives and change the way I saw the changes in mine.

I became a CF-L1 trainer in 2016. I began working with all the amazing individuals that are part of CrossFit MIA. I will continue to work with everyone individually, in class settings, and one on one during open gym days. There is no better feeling than seeing the joy when a person accomplishes a skill they have worked so hard on, and knowing you had a small part in helping them every step of the way pushing them, and knowing they could and would achieve their goal.

I have trained competitively, competed, and have trained in Olympic weightlifting. I hope to be able to translate any, and all my experience to our members and help them reach their goals.